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Introduction of thromboelastometry-guided administration of fresh-frozen plasma is associated with decreased allogeneic blood transfusions and post-operative blood loss in cardiopulmonary-bypass surgery
Junko Ichikawa, Takahito Marubuchi, Keiko Nishiyama, Mitsuharu Kodaka, Klaus Görlinger, Makoto Ozaki, Makiko Komori
Blood donor deferral policies across Europe and characteristics of men who have sex with men screened for human immunodeficiency virus in blood establishments: data from the European Men-who-have-sex-with-men Internet Survey (EMIS)
Susanne B. Schink, Ruth Offergeld, Axel J. Schmidt, Ulrich Marcus
Passive haemovigilance of blood components treated with a riboflavin-based pathogen reduction technology
Dariusz Piotrowski, Zofia Przybylska-Baluta,Teresa Jimenez-Marco, Lina Kryzauskaite, Andreas Papachronis, Aliki Marinaki, Paul Höcker, Sigrid Cherrier-De Wilde, Marcia Cardoso
Italian consumption of plasma-derived factor VIII after the SIPPET study
Giuseppe Traversa, Francesco Trotta
Strategies for reducing the risk of transfusion-transmitted leishmaniasis in an area endemic for Leishmania infantum: a patient- and donor-targeted approach
Teresa Jimenez-Marco, Cristina Riera, Enrique Girona-Llobera, Carmen Guillen, Laura Iniesta, Magdalena Alcover, Diana Berenguer, Alba Pujol, Miriam Tomás-Pérez, Beatriz Cancino-Faure, Teresa Serra, Martín Mascaró, Joan Gascó, Roser Fisa
Clinically relevant non-major bleeding with oral anticoagulants: non-major may not be trivial
Laura Franco, Cecilia Becattini, Simone Vanni, Rodolfo Sbrojavacca, Cinzia Nitti, Giorgia Manina, Luca Masotti, Fulvio Pomero, Sergio Cattinelli, Roberto Cappelli, Roberta Re, Giancarlo Agnelli
Effect of storage period of red blood cell suspensions on helper T-cell subpopulations
Salih H. Bal, Yasemin Heper, Levent T. Kumas, Furkan Guvenc, Ferah Budak, Güher Göral, Haluk B. Oral
A preliminary evaluation of next-generation sequencing as a screening tool for targeted genotyping of erythrocyte and platelet antigens in blood donors
Agnieszka Orzinska, Katarzyna Guz, Michal Mikula, Maria Kulecka, Anna Kluska, Aneta Balabas, Monika Pelc-Klopotowska, Jerzy Ostrowski, Ewa Brojer
Application of a clot-based assay to measure the procoagulant activity of stored allogeneic red blood cell concentrates
Bérangère Devalet, Adeline Wannez, Nicolas Bailly, Lutfiye Alpan, Damien Gheldof, Jonathan Douxfils, Véronique Deneys, Benoît Bihin, Bernard Chatelain, Jean-Michel Dogné, Christian Chatelain, François Mullier
Fibrinogen concentrate in surgery
Giuseppe Marano, Carlo Mengoli, Massimo Franchini, Stefania Vaglio, Sara Gentili, Simonetta Pupella, Giancarlo M. Liumbruno
Effect of dabigatran on a prothrombinase-based assay for detecting activated protein C resistance: an ex vivo and in vitro study in normal subjects and factor V Leiden carriers
Gianluca Gessoni, Sara Valverde, Letizia Valle, Pierpaolo Caruso, Francesca Gessoni, Roberto Valle
Interference of direct oral anticoagulants in haemostasis assays: high potential for diagnostic false positives and false negatives
Emmanuel J. Favaloro, Giuseppe Lippi
The increased demand for plasma-derived factor VIII in Italy between 2011 and 2014 is attributable to treatment of adult patients rather than paediatric or previously unexposed patients with severe haemophilia A
Antonio Coppola, Elena Santagostino, Hamisa J. Hassan, Angelo C. Molinari, Rita C. Santoro, Annarita Tagliaferri, Massimo Morfini, Giovanni Di Minno
Recommendations for factor VIII product source to treat patients with haemophilia A
Romano Arcieri, Gabriele Calizzani, Fabio Candura, Pier Mannuccio Mannucci
Increase of plasma concentration to 10% improves a number of in vitro storage parameters of apheresis platelets suspended in a bicarbonate-containing additive solution and stored with a 24-hour interruption of agitation
Stephen J. Wagner, Andrey Skripchenko, Cheryl A. Hapip, Nadine Kaelber, Annette Turgeon
Effects of potassium adsorption filters on the removal of ammonia from blood products
Hiroshi Fujita, Yoko Shiotani, Yuko Takada, Shigeko Nishimura
K-antigen blocking in a case of haemolytic disease of the foetus and newborn
Silvia Manfroi, Claudio Velati
Use of dabigatran and rivaroxaban in non-valvular atrial fibrillation: one-year follow-up experience in an Italian centre
Mario Schiavoni, Maurizio Margaglione, Antonella Coluccia
Molecular basis of the Duffy blood group system
Gabriela Höher, Marilu Fiegenbaum, Silvana Almeida
Peri-operative anaemia management in major orthopaedic surgery: the need to find a pathway
Manuel Muñoz, Susana Gómez-Ramírez, Giancarlo M. Liumbruno
Peri-operative treatment of anaemia in major orthopaedic surgery: a practical approach from Spain
Elvira Bisbe, Misericordia Basora, María J. Colomina, for the Spanish Best Practice in Peri-operative Anaemia Optimisation Panel
Transfusion-associated circulatory overload in adult, medical emergency patients with perspectives on early warning practice: a single-centre, clinical study
Fanny Gosmann, Astrid Nørgaard, Maj-Britt Rasmussen, Charlotte Rahbek, Jens Seeberg, Tom Møller
Bidirectional ine­fficacy or intolerability of thrombopoietin receptor agonists: new data and a concise review
Fabian Depré, Nasra Aboud, Beate Mayer, Abdulgabar Salama
The age of stored erythrocytes influences methaemoglobin formation when circulated in a heart-lung machine model
Lea Krampen, Stefanie Krajewski, Heike Roth, Rupert Handgretinger, Christian Schlensak, Gernot Bruchelt, Hans P. Wendel
A fast-track anaemia clinic in the Emergency Department: cost-analysis of intravenous iron administration for treating iron-deficiency anaemia
Manuel Quintana-Díaz, Raúl Muñoz-Romo, Susana Gómez-Ramírez, José Pavía, Alberto M. Borobia, José A. García-Erce, Manuel Muñoz
Clinical experience reversing factor Xa inhibitors with four-factor prothrombin complex concentrate in a community hospital
Katie B. Tellor, Naomi S. Barasch, Brian M. Lee
Flow cytometry analysis of platelet populations: usefulness for monitoring the storage lesion in pooled buffy-coat platelet concentrates
Dušan Vucetic, Vesna Ilic, Danilo Vojvodic, Vesna Subota, Milena Todorovic, Bela Balint
Platelet components: is there need or room for quality control assays of storage lesions?
Olivier Garraud
Genetic factors associated with iron storage in Australian blood donors
Yu Ji, Robert Flower, Catherine Hyland, Nargess Saiepour, Helen Faddy
Diagnosis and management of newly diagnosed childhood autoimmune haemolytic anaemia. Recommendations from the Red Cell Study Group of the Paediatric Haemato-Oncology Italian Association
Saverio Ladogana, Matteo Maruzzi, Piera Samperi, Silverio Perrotta, Giovanni C. Del Vecchio, Lucia D. Notarangelo, Piero Farruggia, Federico Verzegnassi, Nicoletta Masera, Paola Saracco, Silvia Fasoli, Maurizio Miano, Gabriella Girelli, Wilma Barcellini, Alberto Zanella, Giovanna Russo, on behalf of the AIHA Committee of the Italian Association of Paediatric Onco-haematology (AIEOP)*
Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease deferral in Canada: impact of stop dates
Sheila F. O'Brien, Wenli Fan, Qi-Long Yi, Samra Uzicanin, Lori Osmond, Mindy Goldman
Performance evaluation study of ID CORE XT, a high throughput blood group genotyping platform
Mónica López, Izaskun Apraiz, Montserrat Rubia, Mercedes Piedrabuena, Maria Azkarate, Barbera Veldhuisen, Miguel Á. Vesga, Ellen van Der Schoot, Fernando Puente, Diego Tejedor
Summary report of the First International Conference on inhibitors in haemophilia A
Sebastien Lacroix-Desmazes, David W. Scott, Jenny Goudemand, Marijke van den Berg, Michael Makris, Alice S. van Velzen, Elena Santagostino, David Lillicrap, Frits R. Rosendaal, Anneliese Hilger, Zuben E. Sauna, Johannes Oldenburg, Lorenzo Mantovani, M. Elisa Mancuso, Craig Kessler, Charles R.M. Hay, Paul Knoebl, Giovanni Di Minno, Keith Hoots, Amanda Bok, Mark Brooker, Erica Buoso, Pier Mannuccio Mannucci, Flora Peyvandi (Speaker Panel in order of appearance)
FUT1 mutations responsible for the H-deficient phenotype in the Polish population, including the first example of an abolished start codon
Bogumila Michalewska, Martin L. Olsson, Grazyna Naremsk, Jolanta Walenciak, Annika K. Hult, Agnieszka Ozog, Katarzyna Guz, Ewa Brojer, Jill R. Storry
Cost-utility and budget impact of methylene blue-treated plasma compared to quarantine plasma
Joseph B. Babigumira, Solomon J. Lubinga, Emma Castro, Brian Custer
Low-dose erythropoietin treatment is not associated with clinical benefits in severely anaemic Jehovah's Witnesses: a plea for a change
Andrei M. Beliaev, Sara J. Allen, Paget Milsom, Parma Nand, Warren M. Smith, Colleen J. Bergin
The Bleeding Assessment Tool and laboratory data in the characterisation of a female with inherited haemophilia A
Viviana Daidone, Eva Galletta, Antonella Bertomoro, Alessandra Casonato
Single-stranded DNA aptamer targeting and neutralization of anti-D alloantibody: a potential therapeutic strategy for haemolytic diseases caused by Rhesus alloantibody
Yinze Zhang, Fan Wu, Manni Wang, Naibao Zhuang, Huayou Zhou, Hua Xu
Asymptomatic infections in blood donors harbouring Plasmodium: an invisible risk detected by molecular and serological tools
Giselle F.M.C. Lima, Maria C. Arroyo Sanchez, José E. Levi, Mahyumi Fujimori, Luiza da Cruz Caramelo, Arianni Rondelli Sanchez, Eduardo M. Ramos-Sanchez, Juliana Inoue, Maria de Jesus Costa-Nascimento, Alfredo Mendrone Junior, Silvia M. Di Santi
Collection of umbilical cord blood for banking: collection rate and factors influencing collection
Veronica Valle, Maria Screnci, Emilia Murgi, Martina Capozzi, Gabriella Girelli
Platelet-, leucocyte- and red cell-derived microparticles in stored whole blood, with and without leucofiltration, with and without ionising radiation
Shunnichi Saito, Kenneth E. Nollet, Alain M. Ngoma, Takako Ono, Hitoshi Ohto
Prevalence of antibodies to a new histo-blood system: the FORS system
Carlos Jesus, Camilla Hesse, Clara Rocha, Nádia Osório, Ana Valado, Armando Caseiro, António Gabriel, Lola Svensson, Ali-Reza Moslemi, Wafa Abu Siba, Mahmoud A. Srour, Cristina Pereira, Jorge Tomaz, Paulo Teixeira, Fernando Mendes
Management of iron overload in myelodysplastic syndromes: combined deferasirox and deferoxamine in a patient with liver disease
Claudio Cerchione, Giuseppe Cerciello, Simona Avilia, Roberta Della Pepa, Novella Pugliese, Marco Picardi, Lucio Catalano, Fabrizio Pane
The price of enhanced half-life factor IX
Andrea Messori, Sabrina Trippoli
Tranexamic acid use and risk of thrombosis in regular users of antithrombotics undergoing primary total knee arthroplasty: a prospective cohort study
Hervé Hourlier, Peter Fennema
Haemophilia B is clinically less severe than haemophilia A: further evidence
Massimo Franchini, Pier Mannuccio Mannucci
Molecular genetic analysis of the F11 gene in 14 Turkish patients with factor XI deficiency: identification of novel and recurrent mutations and their inheritance within families
Seyma Colakoglu, Turan Bayhan, Betül Tavil, Ebru Yilmaz Keskin, Volkan Cakir, Fatma Gümrük, Mualla Çetin, Selin Aytaç, Ergul Berber
Platelet haemostatic properties in ß-thalassaemia: the effect of blood transfusion
Alice Trinchero, Marina Marchetti, Cinzia Giaccherini, Carmen J. Tartari, Laura Russo, Anna Falanga
Red blood cell use in Switzerland: trends and demographic challenges
Thomas Volken, Andreas Buser, Damiano Castelli, Stefano Fontana, Beat M. Frey, Ilka Rüsges-Wolter, Amira Sarraj, Jörg Sigle, Jutta Thierbach, Tina Weingand, Behrouz Mansouri Taleghani
Selection strategies for newly registered blood donors in European countries
Ryanne W. Lieshout-Krikke, Dragoslav Domanovic, Wim de Kort, Wolfgang Mayr, Giancarlo M. Liumbruno, Simonetta Pupella, Johann Kurz, Folke Knutson, Sheila MacLennan, Gilles Folléa
Fully automated, clinical-grade bone marrow processing: a single-centre experience
Benedetta Mazzanti, Serena Urbani, Simone Dal Pozzo, Paola Bufano, Lara Ballerini, Alessia Gelli, Irene Sodi, Irene Donnini, Massimo Di Gioia, Stefano Guidi, Julien Camisani, Riccardo Saccardi
Preserved in vitro metabolic and functional characteristics of double-dose apheresis platelet concentrates photochemically treated with amotosalen and ultraviolet A light
Per Sandgren
Transfusion and ecology: let’s not mix apples and oranges
Carlo Petrini
Leucocyte cytokines dominate platelet cytokines over time in non-leucoreduced platelet components
Chaker Aloui, Tahar Chakroun, Antoine Prigent, Saloua Jemni-Yacoub, Fabrice Cognasse, Sandrine Laradi, Olivier Garraud
Cryopreserved packed red blood cells in surgical patients: past, present, and future
Alex Chang, Young Kim, Richard Hoehn, Peter Jernigan, Timothy Pritts
The increased demand for plasma-derived factor VIII in Italy
Romano Arcieri, Gabriele Calizzani, Fabio Candura, Pier Mannuccio Mannucci
The relative efficacy of three interventions to favour return to give blood
Geneviève Myhal, Gaston Godin, Sophie Dubuc
Platelet gel: a new therapeutic tool with great potential
Andrea Piccin, Angela M. Di Pierro, Lucia Canzian, Marco Primerano, Daisy Corvetta, Giovanni Negri, Guido Mazzoleni, Günther Gastl, Michael Steurer, Ivo Gentilini, Klaus Eisendle, Fabrizio Fontanella
Porcine recombinant factor VIII: an additional weapon to handle anti-factor VIII antibodies
Pier Mannuccio Mannucci, Massimo Franchini
Borrowing (once again) from the animal kingdom
Leonardo Pasalic, Emmanuel J. Favaloro
Functional characterisation of the type 1 von Willebrand disease candidate VWF gene variants: p.M771I, p.L881R and p.P1413L
Ergul Berber, Mehmet Ozbil, Christine Brown, Zafer Baslar, S. Hande Caglayan, David Lillicrap
Clinical relevance of isolated prolongation of the activated partial thromboplastin time in a cohort of adults undergoing surgical procedures
Giuseppe Tagariello, Paolo Radossi, Roberta Salviato, Milena Zardo, Lucia De Valentin, Marco Basso, Giancarlo Castaman
Hepatitis E virus infections in travellers: assessing the threat to the Australian blood supply
Ashish C. Shrestha, Robert L.P. Flower, Clive R. Seed, Anthony J. Keller, Veronica Hoad, Robert Harley, Robyn Leader, Ben Polkinghorne, Catriona Furlong, Helen M. Faddy
Intravenous iron supplementation with intra-articular administration of tranexamic acid reduces the rate of allogeneic transfusions after simultaneous bilateral total knee arthroplasty
Dong Won Suh, Seung-Beom Han, Jong-Hoon Park, Kuhoang Cheong, Bong Soo Kyung
Anticoagulants for the prevention and treatment of catheter-related thrombosis in adults and children on parenteral nutrition: a systematic review and critical appraisal
Stefano Barco, Jasper J. Atema, Michiel Coppens, Mireille J. Serlie, Saskia Middeldorp
Quality indicators for Transfusion Medicine in Spain: a survey among hospital transfusion services
Iñigo Romon, Miguel Lozano
Blood donors' physical characteristics are associated with pre- and post-donation symptoms - Donor InSight
Katja van den Hurk, Karlijn Peffer, Karin Habets, Femke Atsma, Pieternel C.M. Pasker-de Jong, Paulus A.H. van Noord, Ingrid J.T. Veldhuizen, Wim L.A.M. de Kort
Two novel ITGA2B mutations in a Glanzmann thrombasthaenia family associated with different platelet phenotypic expression
Viviana Daidone, Loredana Bury, Marta Milan, Eva Galletta, Paolo Gresele, Alessandra Casonato
Appropriate use of red blood cell transfusion in emergency departments:a study in five emergency departments
Manuel Quintana Díaz, Alberto M. Borobia, José A. García Erce, Charbel Maroun-Eid, Sara Fabra, Antonio Carcas, Jesus Frías, Manuel Muñoz, on behalf of the USEES-URG Research Group
Acquired red blood cell alloantibodies in transfused patients of 80 years or over: a 2008-2013 national haemovigilance survey
Pierre Moncharmont, Grégory Barday, Jean-Yves Py, Francis Meyer, and the National Haemovigilance Network of the French Blood Establishment
Why is it so difficult to show that prothrombin complex concentrates are superior to fresh-frozen plasma for warfarin reversal?
Giorgia Saccullo, Alexandra M. Bucko, Joost J. van Veen, Michael Makris
Glioblastoma and ABO blood groups: further evidence of an association between the distribution of blood group antigens and brain tumours
Mohammed Z. Allouh, Mohammed M. Al Barbarawi, Mohammad Y. Hiasat, Mohammed A. Al-Qaralleh, Emad I. Ababneh
Use of the ID-PaGIA Heparin/PF4 Antibody Test as a screening test for heparin/platelet factor 4 antibodies
Erwin Strobel
Impact of azacitidine on red blood cell alloimmunisation in myelodysplastic syndrome
Sebastián Ortiz, Maria T. Orero, Karla Javier, Carolina Villegas, Irene Luna, Pedro Pérez, Mónica Roig, María López, Sofía Costa, Félix Carbonell, Rosa Collado, David Ivars, Mariano Linares
"Non-remunerated donation": a tautology?
Carlo Petrini
Acute effects of 30 minutes of exposure to a smartphone call on in vitro platelet function
Giuseppe Lippi, Elisa Danese, Giorgio Brocco, Matteo Gelati, Gian Luca Salvagno, Martina Montagnana
Reply to Flanagan "The Code of Ethics of the International Society of Blood Transfusion" [Blood Transfus 2015; 13: 537-8] Let us use all the good olive wood
Albert Farrugia, Corrado Del Bò
Transfusion and ecology: sense, nonsense, or missense?
Olivier Garraud, Jean-Daniel Tissot
Zika virus: new emergencies, potential for severe complications, and prevention of transfusion-transmitted Zika fever in the context of co-circulation of arboviruses
Didier Musso, Maite Aubry, Julien Broult, Adonis Stassinopoulos, Jennifer Green