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Selective organ ischaemia/reperfusion identifies liver as the key driver of the post-injury plasma metabolome derangements
Nathan Clendenen, Geoffrey R. Nunns, Ernest E. Moore, Eduardo Gonzalez, Michael Chapman, Julie A. Reisz, Erik Peltz, Miguel Fragoso, Travis Nemkov, Matthew J. Wither, Angela Sauaia, Christopher C. Silliman, Kirk Hansen, Anirban Banerjee, Angelo D'Alessandro, Hunter B. Moore
Multiple electrode aggregometry and thromboelastography in thrombocytopenic patients with haematological malignancies
Elin N. Opheim, Torunn O. Apelseth, Simon J. Stanworth, Geir E. Eide, Tor Hervig
Fibrinogen measurement in liver disease: validation of the functional fibrinogen thromboelastography assay and a novel mathematical predictive model
Kirsty Rizzo, Kevin Vella, Daniel Zammit, Peter Gatt, Charlie Grima, Monique Borg Inguanez, Jurgen Gerada, Pierre Ellul, Mario Vassallo, Neville Azzopardi, James Pocock, Alex Gatt
Transfused platelets enhance alloimmune responses to transfused KEL-expressing red blood cells in a murine model
David J. Madrid, Manjula Santhanakrishnan, Jingchun Liu, David R. Gibb, Dong Liu, Prabitha Natarajan, Daniel Beitler, Zhimin Shi, Chunyan Mo, Christopher A. Tormey, Seema R. Patel, Sean R. Stowell, Jeanne E. Hendrickson
Comprehensive phenotypic and molecular investigation of RhD and RhCE variants in Moroccan blood donors
Houria El Housse, Mariam El Wafi, Zainab Ouabdelmoumene, Fatima Zarati, Rachida Alid, Nadia Nourichafi, Kamal Bouisk, Mohammed Benajiba, Claude Férec, Yann Fichou, Norddine Habti
Platelet cut-off for anticoagulant therapy in thrombocytopenic patients with blood cancer and venous thromboembolism: an expert consensus
Mariasanta Napolitano, Giorgia Saccullo, Marco Marietta, Monica Carpenedo, Giancarlo Castaman, Elisabetta Cerchiara, Antonio Chistolini, Laura Contino, Valerio De Stefano, Anna Falanga, Augusto B. Federici, Elena Rossi, Rita Santoro, Sergio Siragusa on behalf of the Gruppo Italiano Malattie Ematologiche dell'Adulto (GIMEMA) Working Party on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (see Appendix 1*)
Prevention and management of acute reactions to intravenous iron in surgical patients
Susana Gómez-Ramírez, Aryeh Shander, Donat R. Spahn, Michael Auerbach, Giancarlo M. Liumbruno, Stefania Vaglio, Manuel Muñoz
Identification of novel mutations in patients with fibrinogen disorders and genotype/phenotype correlations
Elena Chinni, Giovanni Tiscia, Giovanni Favuzzi, Filomena Cappucci, Giuseppe Malcangi, Rossana Bagna, Claudia Izzi, Domenica Rizzi, Valerio De Stefano, Elvira Grandone
Influence of apheresis collection device and container on the storage properties of platelets in 90% PAS-5/10% plasma
Stephen J. Wagner, Cheryl A. Hapip, Annette Turgeon, Lenora Abel, Nadine Kaelber
Molecular genetic analysis of weak ABO subgroups in the Chinese population reveals ten novel ABO subgroup alleles
Haobo Huang, Sha Jin, Xi Liu, Zhongying Wang, Qiong Lu, Liangfeng Fan, Wei Shen, Hang Lei, Chengrui Qian, Xuefeng Wang, Dong Xiang, Xiaohong Cai
Intravenous immunoglobulin replacement treatment reduces in vivo elastase secretion in patients with common variable immune disorders
Alessandro Prezzo, Filomena M. Cavaliere, Cinzia Milito, Caterina Bilotta, Metello Iacobini, Isabella Quinti
Experience with RHD*weak D type 4.0 in the USA
Connie M. Westhoff, Sandra Nance, Christine Lomas-Francis, Margaret Keller, Stella T. Chou
Predicting factors for liver iron overload at the first magnetic resonance in children with thalassaemia major
Maddalena Casale, Maria Marsella, Massimiliano Ammirabile, Anna Spasiano, Silvia Costantini, Patrizia Cinque, Paolo Ricchi, Aldo Filosa
Reversal of apixaban induced alterations in haemostasis by different coagulation factor concentrates in patients after hip or knee replacement surgery
Katrin Schmidt, Kerstin Krüger, Elisabeth Langer, Martin Schmutzler, Elke Johnen, Klaus D. Wernecke, Christian von Heymann, Mareike K. Körber
A proposal for a rational transfusion strategy in patients of European and North African descent with weak D type 4.0 and 4.1 phenotypes
Willy A. Flegel, Thierry Peyrard, Jacques Chiaroni, Christophe Tournamille, Déborah Jamet, France Pirenne
Red blood cell salvage analysis from clotted blood
Ethan K. Craig, Mark H. Yazer, Jonathan H. Waters