Blood Transfusion - 6 2018 (November-December)
The key role of tranexamic acid in Patient Blood Management programmes
Authors:  Massimo Franchini, Giancarlo M. Liumbruno
Pages:  471-472
To cite this article:  Blood Transfus 2018; 16: 471-2
Doi:  10.2450/2018.0177-18
Published online:  29/10/2018

Thanks to their high efficacy in improving clinical outcomes in surgical patients, patient blood management programmes have been developed rapidly worldwide in the last decade1,2. Patient blood management is an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary and patient-centred model based on three pillars, i.e. optimisation of endogenous erythropoiesis, minimisation of bleeding and blood loss and optimisation of the physiological reserve of anaemia3,4. [ … ]
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